Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 25 November 2020
From Gareth Johns


I object to the proposals to construct another incinerator when Cardiff already has an established incinerator just over 3miles away and the proposed facility will not benefit the residents of the surrounding area.

The planning documentation states that waste will be sourced within 30mile of the site, this suggests that waste could be imported from outside the boundary of Cardiff and goes against Cardiff Council’s clean air plans and One Planet Cardiff strategy to reduce the amount of pollution in the city by 2030. With the proposed locality already being used heavily by the adjacent businesses that require transport, introducing thousands of extra HGV vehicle trips carrying waste each year (and more during the construction phase) will only add to the polluting emissions in the area, this being some 650meters away from the playing fields of a local high school.

The building would add no architectural value to the surrounding area as it would stand out against the green landscape surrounding it. The 3d visuals show the facility will be overbearing on the landscape despite the proposed cladding to try and hide the structure. The structure will not only be visible in the surrounding area but will stand out on the flat views of eastern Cardiff from the hills of northern Cardiff some 8km away.

I have concerns regarding Mor Hafren running the facility going on the poor performance of their initial consultation that wasn’t very publicised and during the 2nd phase of consultation broke the GDPR act on more than one occasion.