Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Jane Power


I object to the proposed incinerator development on several grounds.
It goes against any and all principles concerning clean air for us and our children, global warming and conservation of our precious wildlife, green spaces and wetlands. It will contribute to global warming and pollution, not just in our area but the wider area and surrounding communities. Emissions from the plant itself and traffic going to and from the site whilst it is being built, and whilst the plant is operating will only have a negative impact on our air and environment. There are several schools within an extremely small radius of the proposed site. This alone would for me, be grounds to reject the proposal. The proposal is extremely short sighted and I am astounded that it has even got to this stage of consultation. I and many others in my community and wider area will fight against this proposal for these reasons. The ramifications on our air, our health, our children’s health and our environment will be irreparable if the development of this incinerator goes ahead.