Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Amanda Birch


I would like to strongly object to the Mor Hafren Proposals, the reasons for my objection are as follows:-

1, The structure proposed is very large being over 45 metres. The area that is proposed for it to be built upon is a very flat area and is part of a SSSI and the Gwent Levels'. Many people also walk along the very picturesque coastal path and this structure would be a complete eyesore when walking in that direction. A structure of this size would have a very negative and ugly visual impact on the surrounding area.

2. I have grave concerns about what may come out of the chimney stack and how it will affect those in the surrounding area, both residents and school children. We also have a lot of wildlife in the area which would also be greatly affected

3. The Mor Hafren site would see many more lorries travelling along the B4239, a stretch of road that is already very busy and is in no way built to accommodate the amount of large lorries that would be visiting it on a daily basis to drop off waste to be incinerated, not to mention all the traffic that would be coming back and forth during the building of the structure.

4, I do not feel that there is need for yet another incinerator because Cardiff already has one within a 3 mile radius of the proposed site for Mor Hafren.