Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Friends of Gwent Levels


Friends of Gwent Levels Objection to the Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility.

Dear Sir

We are a community campaign group established to protect the ancient landscape and wildlife of the Gwent Levels from further degradation. The Wentlooge Levels form part of a green wedge between Cardiff and Newport and we are supporting the detailed objection submitted by Wentlooge Community Council regarding the Mor Hafren facility.

The eastern side of Cardiff has already absorbed a significant number of waste disposal projects over the years e.g. Lamby Way Council Tip and a large incinerator in Splott. In addition, industrial units have been built, contributing to significant traffic pressure on roads not equipped to deal with large numbers of lorries carrying waste to the site of the incinerator from east and west of Cardiff. The villages of Wentlooge are already under constant pressure from articulated lorries and commuters travelling between the two cities.

The Mor Hafren incinerator will be built near thriving communities, e.g Rhymney and Trowbridge, already experiencing the ongoing impact of industrial development. The fact that a large incinerator is already operating less than two miles away in an urban housing area needs to be taken into consideration in light of the impact such projects have on air quality, traffic congestion, and the general environment.

Mor Hafren is proposed to be built near a large school and its structure is so intrusive due to shape, scale and height that the damage to a community already experiencing impacts from the increasing number of industrial ventures in this area of Wales is unacceptable.

Friends of Gwent Levels fully supports the local campaign to stop the development of this incinerator. The evidence that the incinerator will further blight local communities in Rhymney and Trowbridge as well as devastating bio diversity and vital habitats for wildlife on SSSI land is clear. Wales does not have an energy deficit that justifies building a monstrous industrial incinerator which will dominate an area already suffering from too many developments which have been ill thought through in terms of environmental and human impact.

The Future Generations (Wales ) Act 2015 states clearly that decisions likely to impact on future generations need to establish that measurable goals/ outcomes set out in the Act, with an emphasis on sustainable development and wellbeing responsibilities, will be achieved. The creation of yet one more waste disposal industrial unit on the edge of a city which has already granted permission for so much development in one area of Cardiff with so little gain for future generations cannot be justified.

Friends of the Gwent Levels