Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From caroline antoniou


I live in Marshfield and i would like to object about this proposed development.
We have at the moment another application of DNS for a solar farm in Marshfield.
There is also a planning application that is going to be considered for a railway station in St Mellons.

The area around here is already congested with lorries using the village and the locals roads as a rat run to avoid the main roads. These vehicles are causing a lot of pollution, noise and danger to our local communities. Are village is over run with DPD lorries, UPS lorries and Fedex using the village as a route again to avoid the main roads. These vans and lorries come through our village speeding through the local skill and on many occasions cars have to use the pavements to get past the lorries which are so big.
The majority of the large articulated lorries and tipper lorries are travelling through our village to go to Lamby was and the industrial estates on in this area. If this development goes ahead how are they going to be able to stop more traffic thundering through are villages destroying out roads which are crumbling already from excessive heavy good vehicle use.
This development will have a significant amount of vehicles delivering rubbish on a daily basis and i feel that the local infrastructure and environment can not deal with any more traffic.

We also have a Viridor already in close proximity to our area which is and SSSI area and it is still unclear to what the pollution will be caused from this incinerator and the affect that this may have on the local habitat as we are within the drop out zone of this incinerator.

Yours Caroline Antoniou