Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Amy Ferris


As a doctor I have grave concerns about the effect this incinerator will have on the local population. There is good evidence that air pollution has a negative impact on childrens' development, the risks of developing chronic lung conditions, and in some instances is linked to an increased risk of some cancers. The information provided by Mor Hafren when I have raised this has failed to reassure me as they first tried to deny any such link and then justify this by demonstrating the pollution it would produce would be under a considered "safe level" but as a resident I am not happy to accept any increase in level of pollution locally, regardless of whether it is below an arbitrary number. Any child who develops asthma as a result of local air pollution is a child too many if we could have prevented this. Cardiff council is trying to promote a reduction in air pollution so it makes no sense to allow the building of a incinerator which will add to pollution, not to mention the vast number of vehicles that will also be coming here and polluting the area to bring both personnel and waste.

The number of vehicles coming to and from the incinerator daily will also increase congestion on local roads which are already struggling to manage the quantity of traffic despite a number of traffic calming measures already in place. In addition to this the area is already going to be having a new train station, shopping and office complex built (which will benefit the local community) so the roads will be put under additional strain without Mor Hafren adding to this for no benefit to the population.

Cardiff already has a waste incinerator which is not running at full capacity and Mor Hafren propose using their new incinerator to burn waste from areas far beyond the city (up to 30 miles away including over the border into England). Why should the people of St Mellons and Rumney be put at risk for waste management when in Cardiff we are more than able to manage our own waste sustainably; we do not want to be processing waste from other areas of wales. If Mor Hafren wish to process waste from other areas I suggest they build an incinerator in the area unable to manage their current levels of waste. Then at least there is a justification for inconveniencing and risking the health of the surrounding population.