Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Amie


I object to the planning on many grounds.
When I was first made aware that this was going ahead I was not posted a letter through the door I found a glossy flyer hidden amongst a dominos pizza flyer not professional and rather sneaky.
The whole process has been very underhand with little consideration for the local community. When I attended the drop in session at the beacon centre I was told by a female representative of the company that it was 100% safe and only releases water vapour, again not true and completely misleading. When speaking to other concerned residents I was made fully aware of the heath impacts this would have.
Why would this polluting soul destroying monstrosity be built so close to schools and many housing estates?
The traffic around the proposed incinerator is extremely congested on a good day adding more cars and HGV’s to these already dangerous roads would be a disaster to locals and again pollute the air even further.
We have some wonderful green spaces all around the CF3 area which have been a bonus when the whole country went into lockdown due to the pandemic, myself and my family spent many days enjoying the lakes and walks and bike rides along the coast roads as far as st brides, if planning were to be granted this would no longer be an option. The higher traffic volumes would pose a significant risk, the smell would be ghastly if not potent, the air quality would have dyer consequences [**REDACTED**]. Furthermore the landscape and beautiful views would be overshadowed by what I can only describe as a mountain of steel spewing toxic waste out of a chimney almost double it’s height. I strongly and wholeheartedly object not only for myself but for my children and the future generations.