Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Claire Kennett


I wish to object to the above application on the following grounds.

The proposed incinerator is far too close to residents and schools which I believe would be harmful to our health. Breathing in fumes, ash and horrendous odours that will be pumped out, will certainly cause health issues, maybe not immediately but in the future.

The amount of vehicles that will be used will not only cause more traffic issues to the area and more emissions but also a lot more noise.
In the area residents already endure a lot of noise pollution with the freight liner, the railway, sirens and alarms continually being used, so to add more noise pollution would be unbearable and totally unfair.

The size of the proposed building is huge and what an ungodly eye sore for anyone living in the area.
The price of houses will certainly go down.

Any incinerator should be no where near a residential area or any schools.

Yours sincerely