Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Andrew Kennett


I wish to strongly object to the proposed CF3 incinerator on the following grounds.
Far to close to residents and schools.
Visual Impact - The Visual Impact will be huge, the building itself (over 45m) will be more than 3 times larger than the nearest building the Aldi Distribution Centre.
This is an (environmentally protected) area called "The Levels" that means the areas around it is mostly flat.
• Air Quality/Health Impact - The emissions although likely to be within "safe limits" will already add to a heavily polluted (and deprived) area of Cardiff. The health assessment produced is also rather worrying for families Local residents are fed up with being the dumping ground of Cardiff.
• Air Quality/CO2 - CoGen will not have to report, capture/filter or pay for any of the CO2/Carbon that they release through the burning process. Cardiff has declared a Carbon Climate Emergency; this will make that Carbon emergency much worse. We estimate it will produce more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. Skyfill is not the answer to Landfill.
• Traffic - The local roads are already congested. CoGen give no clear reason as to why the waste can't be transported to site on the railway/freightliner site which is less than 50m away.

Yours sincerely