Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Chris Gowing


I object Mor Hafren site being developed for the following reasons: -

1. Air Quality from the site itself - even while these sites say they only produce a small amount of air pollutants being next to a residential area and a large high school / college would case likely cause ill effects.
2. Air Quality from the increase traffic - the local area cannot support the current level of traffic as seen during numerous times of the day and when incidents occur on any nearby roads. The additional NO2 released by these vehicles attended the site goes against the WAG environment policy.

1 & 2 - The area which is classified as the 14 most depraved area within Wales as a result has some of the largest health concerns (asthma and long term health conditions include COPD). No matter how small it will increase the suffering of local residents and

3. Increased traffic risk to residents and school children - St. Mellons has the high rate of school age children in Wales. Similarly putting a large industrial site, with a large increase in traffic will most certainly result in an increased risk of injury or death to people near the site and in the local area.

4. This goes against the WAG environmental policy and CCC policy on both air quality and reducing traffic (impact similar to the M4 relief road) and reducing traffic into Wales and the M4.

5. Cost of House Price - the value of the surrounding area houses will dramatically decrease, This has been proven in all other areas of ERF's in the UK and EU.

There are many other reasons against building the site in current location which should be investigated with an risk assessment and the local residents who live / work and send their children to school next to the potential site.