Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Mohammed Shearaaz Tariq


I strongly object to this Mor Hafren Energy Recovery Facility from being built. I have strong concerns that this facility will severely damage me, my family and my neighbours' physical and mental health.
The gases released from burning residual waste at this facility will significantly reduce the air quality in the local area. This will increase risk of respiratory health problems in my community which will be fatal to some members of my community who I know have pre-existing health conditions, most commonly asthma sufferers.
As well as air quality being reduced, air pollution will increase which will negatively impact the nearby Hendre Lake, a protected wildlife habitat and natural area, home to many animal and insect species. The increased air pollution will endanger these species and also drive birds away from the area.
Finally, the construction of this facility will be an unpleasant addition to the local area and therefore negatively impact on the growth of the community with people choosing not to move into this local area and businesses choosing their new premises elsewhere.
Please can you take my view alongside all my fellow community members' views into consideration and reject this application for the proposed construction and operation of the
Mor Hafren Energy Recovery Facility.