Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Michelle Evans


There is already an incinerator in the City visable from my home. Why a second one is even being considered so close to another is irresponsible. The area is known for having higher poverty rates but that does not mean that other citys, towns and villages get to dump and burn their rubbish on our doorstep. I do not agree with any incinerator anywhere but theres plenty of land in Cardiff and surrounding areas that could cope with such a structure yet Cardiff North is earmarked for this project, would we see this even being thought about in Lisvane, Rhiwbina, vale of glamorgan? I very much doubt it!

I notice that another project “Cardiff Parkway” is being built in the future which highlights flaws in this project. Firstly commuters will be encouraged to use the railway out of the Citys to get in to Cardiff or for travel further a field such as Bristol or London. This is going to bring a massive influx of vehicles to the area already on top of the heavy goods movements planned for this project, on top of an already struggling road network that cannot cope with modern demands of City commuting! Secondly what a welcome to Cardiff, dirty air, disgusting smells being spread by what is essentially a massive fan! These are not the conditions we should be living in or “selling” Cardiff to business’, commuters or potential home buyers!

There is an incinerator built on the M5 corridor that does not affect a single residential property so why is this site being considered within a few hundred metres of schools and houses!

From the very beginning of this process with leaflet dropping the select few houses hoping they could slip under the radar to the poorly advertised consultation period at the Beacon Centre, [**REDACTED**] I there fore wish for this project not too go ahead!