Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020


Summary: Not required. An incineration for energy plant was built relatively recently on the East Moors site for just this purpose. At the time that was built I believe arguments were put forwards that it would be sufficient to cope with the waste from all nearby counties. Where is the additional "fuel" for this new waste disposal facility to come from? It is also unclear what the true source and nature of "fuel" for the site will be it is therefore difficult to judge whether another alternate process, such as composting may equally be suitable for rendering the material "safer".
Additionally traffic plans/impact statements suggest that the addition of further 160 HGV movements per day would be of little impact in terms of "intimidation and fear"; being someone who cycles along that route occasionally and also walks nearby in the area of the proposed plant there are no footpaths. Therefore even if workers wished to access the site using sustainable means (foot or bicycle) they will be placing themselves at risk.
The fact that the area has previously been used for light industrial and warehousing purposes is largely irrelevant: What is proposed is on a completely different vertical scale and will be a producer of noxious emissions and potentially harmful ash. All very different from the previous uses for the site and the nearby area.
If we need another 15 MW (average) energy from the site then we can install half a dozen more wind turbines. Quicker, lower impact, cleaner, prettier.