Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Mrs Sophia Tariq


I strongly object for the 'Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility' from ever being built.
My utmost strong concerns are that the proposed incinerator will severely damage my family's, my neighbourghs and my physical and mental health.
Our air quality will be compromised causing lung damage. Not having clear air around our living space could affect our brain function.
The incinerator gases could affect our eyesight, our skin and the toxicity could lead to developing cancer.
The energy recovery facility is a short term solution to creating an alternative energy resource but the negative implications of it are much more higher to residents residing around this proposed furnacing tower. The cons weigh much heavier in scale compared to the the pros.
The Wildlife and domestic pets will be put in danger of breathing in these toxic gases. Affecting their air pipes, fur, sense of smell and disrupting their lives in nature.
Our plants within our gardens and wild plants will be endangered, the poor air will stop plants producing chlorophyl thus disrupting plants natural process of photosynthesis.
Humans and animals aswell as insects need plants for so many health and environmental benefits, the residual burner will definately jeopardise nature in all its form.
Our local wildlife/nature reserve areas, such as Hendre Lake will be affected by the pollution of the gases. Definately affecting the Marsh land in habitants.
The local shipment company employs a high number of workers and they will be affected working in a polluted environment due to the incinerator.
Our young children attending playgroup, nurseries, schools and high schools will be exposed to these lingering gases commuting to their schools, whilst playing outdoors and partaking in outdoor sports. This will impact the health of our local future generation.
Please reject the planning permission for this energy recovery facility. Unquestionably, I do not wish for this to be built and actively used.
The gases will pollute my immediate area of residencency and no doubt highly likely spread to the wider communities of Cardiff.

Please consider all the objections put forward to you and Immediately dismiss the plans for this highly all round dangerous residual waste burning facility.
From a very highly anxious resident.
Mrs Sophia Tariq.