Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Catherine Davis


Dear Planning Inspectorate Wales,

With reference to the above waste incinerator application for Newlands Road at Rumney. I cannot believe that this area of the Wentlooge Levels is being trashed yet again.

I absolutely object to this project and such an outrageous scheme should not even be considered in this area. The Wentlooge Levels are a precious ancient landscape and should be treasured and not used as a dumping ground for rubbish. When is it going to be realised that enough is enough and this area should not be developed anymore.

This project should also be refused due to the awful visual impact the monstrous building will have on such a flat area, it will be an awful blot on the landscape! The residents will have to live with an oppressive mountain in front of them forever, it will have a terrible effect on their mental health and well-being and no benefit for the community as a whole.

Wentlooge Road is already a very busy communication link and experiences traffic hold ups throughout the day, especially with the Aldi Distribution Centre. The road cannot cope with the extra traffic this development will produce.

The development should be refused on the air pollution that will be produced - surely thought should be given to the residents in the immediate facility and further afield. Rumney, Trowbridge, St. Mellons, Llanrumney, Peterstone, Marshfield and Castleton residents should not be subjected to this pollution, especially the children.

There is already the Viridor Incinerator a couple of miles away which is taking rubbish from further and further afield as there is not enough locally available. The lack of demand should surely show that this incinerator is not needed!

The incinerator is so big that run-off from rainfall (which is ever increasing due to climate change) will cause flooding in this already low lying area. I cannot see any pluses for this type of industry to be placed in this area of Newlands; it must be refused if common sense is to prevail.


Catherine Davis.