Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Magdalena Mirzwa


I would like to put an objection to Mor Hafen burner to be build in Rumney. It is a residential area with lots of schools in close proximity of the proposed burner. The air pollution is quite high as it is in the area due to traffic and one burner already being in use close by in Splott. My concern is that although Mor Hafen and Viridor would need to keep their norms and standards, the two combined surely would exceed the given norms. There are lots of families living in the area with children who should not be robbed of their rights to fresh air. We have to look into the future of our children and keep them safe and healthy. Letting them breath in the smoke day and night doesn't go well with anyone's safety or wellbeing. To add to this the traffic in the are can be quite heavy at times, we really don't need to make it worse and it will be if there'll be another 100 or so lorries and trucks in and out, day and night. It really breaks my heart and I cannot comprehend how people want to allow it not thinking about us, people, human beings. We should stand togheter fighting climate change, fight air pollution, make our world a better place to live for us and our children and future generations. So once again I strongly object the burner to be build next door as by far there are much more negatives to the idea than there's positives if any.