Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Stephen Richards


To whom it may concern
I object strongly to the proposed incinerator on the following grounds:

1. Welsh policy has been to clean up the environment not increase air pollution. Reassurances from companies whose primary responsibility is to their share holders are not worth anything. The penalties for non-compliance are built-in to their business models and once the plant is built it is a fait accompli.
2. The area it is to be built in is already subject to large amounts of heavy industrial traffic with all the environmental and health risks that poses in an area where many people have significant social and health challenges.
3. By building facilities which take the status quo for granted it will lessen the incentive for local authorities, the Welsh government and the UK government to legislate against the use of materials that cannot be recycled. At the moment is it virtually impossible for households not to use unrecyclable packaging and some industries e.g. building and construction produce vast quantities of unrecyclable waste. To borrow a phrase " If you build it they will come".

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Richards