Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Yvonne Coggins


This is my third attempt at lodging my objection to the building of the incinerator in Rumney/St Mellons area of our city.
I strongly oppose the build for several reasons. Firstly it is going to be too close to our local High School and damaging to pupils health, and secondly to the additional lorries which will be using our local roads every single day. The pollution this incinerator will produce is only going to add to what is an already an over polluted area. We are already suffering from very poor air quality in our area and both the incinerator and the additional lorries will only add to it. We already have an excess of traffic using our roads, pumping out their poisonous fumes. It seems to me that no consideration has been given to the health of the community or to our young people. Instead of allowing this unnecessary incinerator to be built, it would be far better to improve the monitoring of the already very poor air quality and improving it, rather than adding to it by this unwanted build.