Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Ben Lloyd


I am objecting to this on the basis that the effect on air quality in south eastern Cardiff will be significant. The area already has dangerously high levels of air pollution, due to heavy industry and proximity to major roads, with a number of schools and GPs surgeries being close to roads which exceed safe levels.

As well as considering the impact of pollution from the facility, the committee MUST ALSO CONSIDER the cumulative impact of the its various decisions on air quality in the areas.

It seems yet again those of us living the deprived southern arc of Cardiff are being told we must house all the dangerous side effects of waste management. This is clearly a matter of environmental justice. Too many children are growing up here in poverty who must now also face the public health challenges of these sorts of developments. This is a double disadvantage. Such environmental infrastructure must be spread EVENLY across the city (and South Wales as a whole).