Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Luke Secker


I object to this proposed incinerator on several grounds:

1) Location. This incinerator is proposed near many schools and housing areas. The East of Cardiff is having development to improve the area and quality of living for residents; this proposed incinerator seems to go against all of this. Who would want to live near a site which is making air quality and pollution worst?
Why should school children be forced to breathe in polluted air when they go to school?
It is also being proposed on a flood plane; there was a flood warning for the area as recent as November 2020.

2) The building. The Aldi Distribution Centre (near the proposed site) is the highest building in the area at 17m tall and this was noted in it’s planning permission that it needed to blend in with the area.
The proposed incinerator is considerably taller than this and will be visible from many miles around. As far away as towns on the edge of the River Severn in England and from other areas of Cardiff (e.g. Cyncoed, Pen-Y-Lan, St Mellons, Rumney, Pengham Green).
The shaft of the wind turbine near the proposed incinerator is approximately the same height as the proposed incinerators chimney stack; and this is visible from several areas of Cardiff - so the chimney stack will be as well.
This isn’t respecting the local area or going to blend in.

3) Demand for another incinerator. During the first lockdown Cardiff Council doubled their rubbish collections to weekly collections (not fortnightly). The council was able to manage this additional waste without the need for an extra incinerator - showing that this incinerator is not needed as there is ‘no demand’ for its purpose locally. If there is no waste in Cardiff or South Wales for this incinerator, then where will the waste be coming from?

4) It goes against Government Targets on promoting recycling and air quality. The proposed incinerator almost promotes producing more waste for it to burn, instead of recycling in a green manner. It will also worsen the air quality in Cardiff, South Wales and South Wales England. When the World is trying to improve air quality - how can a commercial business be allowed to go against this?

5) Traffic. The proposed incinerator site is not near a motorway and you need to travel on one of the busiest junctions/roads in Cardiff. Adding additional trucks onto these roads will create more traffic, causing more pollution (and worst air quality) and traffic jams in the city. An incinerator like this should be near a motorway to avoid clogging the cities roads.

6) Nature. The proposed incinerator site is on the ‘Living Levels’, home to alot of nature and rare animals/birds. How would an incinerator on this scale effect this natural environment?

7) Local opinion. There is very little/no local support for this proposed incinerator or benefit to local communities. The company trying to propose it are not a local company or even based in Wales.
So why has Cardiff been chosen - when it isn’t wanted (with a lot of support to stop it from local groups and politicians) or benefiting the area?

(Second attempt to object; first attempt submitted but not showing on the comments or no email received to acknowledge it has been received).