Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Kelly Samuel


As a local resident of the St Mellons area with a young family I strongly oppose to the building of the Mor Hafren incinerator because of the following reasons

1) Environmental Impact
St Mellons is home to the beautiful Hendre Lake. Hendre lake is a local attraction that acts as a vital teaching area to local schools. Schools and the local community use the lake as a way of teaching our youth about important environmental issues and animals etc, it houses a wealth of wildlife and is a natural habitat to many birds, fish and insects, pollution from the proposed incinerator would be detrimental to one of the only areas of beauty in the east of Cardiff. In addition, Hendre lake welcomes visitors for the purposes of walking and leisure and is also a keen spot for fishers, the proposed building of an incinerator would not only harm wildlife but reduce the appeal of the lake to visitors as the landscape would change dramatically.

HGV traffic will result in noise, dust and particulate pollution which will blight the lives of families particularly along Cyprus Drive, an already very congested road during rush hour. For students at the local primary schools Willowbrook Primary, Meadow Lane, Oakfield School and Bishop’s Child the increase in traffic would also be detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

Bearing in mind the current COVID restrictions where people are trying to spend as much time outside as possible increased levels of pollution can only be negative.

2) Traffic
St Mellons is an already densely populated area of Cardiff, there have been numerous housing developments over the past few years which have put a huge strain on the infrastructure of the area, additional traffic over a prolonged period of time during the construction of the incinerator coupled with the traffic for the “very welcomed” train station would be too much for the area to handle. St Mellons has 4 primary schools, traffic is already a huge problem, the prospect of numerous lorries travelling through the area on a regular daily basis would only add to the pressures of traffic and prove to provide even more congestion in the area.

3) Visual Impact
St Mellons has a flat landscape and has not one high rise building, the addition of the incinerator would be an eyesore and would not compliment the area at all.

4) Security
The St Mellons community has serious concerns over the security of the proposed incinerator, we are concerned about the number of non-residents entering the area on a daily basis.

5) Pollution
St Mellons residents are extremely concerned over the control of substances incinerated at the site, we have had no confirmed guarantees there will be no contaminants, toxins or explosive materials disposed of that would pose threat to local resident’s health.

6) Eastern High School
Eastern High School was a well overdue addition to East Cardiff, the children who attend this school, having waited years for a state-of-the-art faculty, will now be less than 500m from the planned inclinator site, pollution, a tarnished landscape and additional traffic congestion and noise can only provide a negative environment for these children to learn in.

In summary St Mellons does not need an incinerator, and it does not want one! St Mellons needs investment in infrastructure e.g., a new primary school to address an increase in housing, funds allocated to further community projects that support its ever-growing population but most of all it needs to remain a community that puts its residents first! Residents are opposed to any project that pollutes, they are opposed to any project that does not add value to the area nd they are opposed to any project that does not have the interests of the residents at heart.