Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Shirin shah


I would like to strongly object to the Mor Hafren “Energy Recovery Facility” as a resident of St Mellon’s. This incinerator is being placed not only in a more deprived area of Cardiff where people are more vulnerable but also within close proximity to 4 schools. I don’t believe the impact to residents is being taken seriously enough in relation to the damage the extra air pollution will cause, not only from the incinerator but the increased traffic. This side of Cardiff is already subject to the fumes from the plant on Lamby Way and already has reduced air quality. Cardiff has declared a carbon climate emergency and this is just going to make that worse. Cogen will also not have to report or filter/capture any of the carbon emissions they release through the burning process - how are we to know that the safe levels are being adhered to without any reporting being mandatory?
The congestion problems we also currently have will only be made worse with an increased volume of vehicles to and from the facility. I do not feel that the burning of waste is efficient nor beneficial especially to those who are subject to the plants being on their doorstep.
The building itself is an alarming height in comparison to other buildings in the area and will be seen for miles around. This site is not the right place for an incinerator and frankly I think it’s quite astonishing that it’s being considered when there is one only a few miles down the road - I find it hard to believe that the amount of waste produced locally calls for another incinerator which gives the impression that waste is going to be imported and burnt instead of being dealt with locally. This side of Cardiff is seen as a dumping ground and I don’t think it’s fair to impose this incinerator in such a lived in area.