Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Ben Lidgey


Ref DNS/3236340.

I wish to further object to the Mor Hafren Bio Power plant proposed for Newlands Rd, Cardiff. This is based on the recent announcements and proposals by the South East Wales Transport Commission to reduce the traffic congestion around the South East Wales region and the M4. The revised planning application from Mor Hafren has shown an increase in the planned visits of heavy goods vehicles of 41 to and from the site every day for 264 days a year, leading to an extra 10,824 HGVs, which is in direct opposition to the proposals to reduce the amount of traffic on the M4 motorway and surrounding road networks.

In addition it has also come to my attention that the electricity generation process from burning waste is not efficient, and produces more CO2 than a fossil fueled power station. As the Gwent levels are a low-lying land, and more likely subject to flooding and sea-level rises, adding further CO2 to the atmosphere in this era of climate emergency is short-sighted and dangerous to the environment. Within the last month the area in which the facility is intended to be built has been contacted by Natural Resources Wales automated flood warning for spring tides, further reinforcing the point that the area is at risk of flooding.