Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Alison Alexis


There are already a couple of incinerators within a number of miles from where I live . I have a family and have a number of concerns with a incinerator so close .Incineration doesn't even encourage recycling and waste reduction. The point of focus should be on reducing waste and recycling most of it.
The emissions from incinerator to residents living near them all of damaging Public Health respiratory problems, liver cancer and major illnesses linked to anyone living around incinerators how can you expect residents what was once a lovely safe area to accept this or a young family. I have been here a number of years which is a safe place for my children and I have the threat of this I was here 1st
Why should we live with the smells and air pollution The increased noise that it will produce when its a peaceful area . The litter that will be generated when we are in an SSI area. The increased vehicle traffic which on its own will generate even more pollution. Let alone the severity to the environment when burning all of the waste