Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Peter Hardy


I want the planning committee to reject planning application for the Mor Hafren facility for the following reasons:

1) The Mor Hafren incinerator is the wrong solution

- Mor Hafren is not a renewable source of energy and the Government want to move fully to renewable energy generation.

- Mor Hafren will need a constant source of fuel, which could lead to amounts of recyclable material being incinerated needlessly. Where incinerators are common, levels of recycling and negatively affected.

- Mor Hafren will produce massive amount of CO2 emissions and this is contrary to Cardiff and the UK government commitments to reducing emissions in line with the Paris Climate agreement. The only reason this is even viable is because incinerators are currently excluded from emissions targets. There is a judicial review about this currently going ahead; how can the Welsh Government be entering into a 25 year contract when the outcome of this review isn't known.

- The incinerator proposal is based on 200,000 tons of waste and the traffic required to support that amount. Lamby Way is already highly congested at peak times; the extra traffic required to deliver 200,000 tons of material will make this congestion significantly worse.

- Often incinerators don't create as much energy as they propose to. (Trident park incinerator in an example of this). The Mor Hafren proposal is based on 200,000 tons of waste and the traffic required to support this, but for the incinerator to be viable, it's likely the amount of waste that will be needed will be much higher. I'm of the belief that 200,000 tons is a lower amount and is being used to "get the incinerator built".

- Once Mor Hafren is built, I have no doubt that other similar facilities will follow, as has already happened in Splott.

- It doesn't matter how "modern and well run" the facility is; in 25 years time, it will no longer be modern and maintenance will be a concern. I'm sure all of the other incinerators in England and Wales are "modern and well run" facilities as well, but that's done little to stop the rubbish, the terrible smells and and the flies that residents living near other ERF plants constantly complain about.

2) The Mor Hafren incinerator is in the wrong location

- Mor Hafren is too close to schools and homes

- Mor Hafren's proximity to the Wentloog levels (a site or special scientific interest) make it an unsuitable location.

- St Mellons and Trowbridge is a deprived area and statistics show that incinerators are generally built in deprived areas to the detriment of the people living there. Let's be honest, if this area was well off, this project wouldn't even be being considered.