Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Andrei Reiss


I will start by saying I believe very strongly in green technology and recycling and I am perfectly aware of the dangers represented by human waste and the detrimental effect it has on our world. This being said I would be in favor of a solution that would bring a positive change to this problem however I do not feel the proposed solution in this case is the best one. And I will present my arguments for this case below as follows:

1. I feel the selected location for this project is not the best one. If ever such a solution should be approved clearly it should be built in a non-residential area where its detrimental effects would be less felt and seen or breath in.
2. Building this facility close to a school would only show a complete lack of care towards the people whose very future the builders and authorities claim to safeguard by such projects - our children- I am sure they would prefer clean air instead and better solutions than this one.
3. I strongly believe the current proposal creates more problems than it solves. To begin with burning something, whatever that waste maybe - is not a functional or economical long term solution. The real solution is to stop creating that waste or product that is proving to be so difficult to recycle or get ride of afterwards. Clearly we need to stop the production and long term usage of single plastics and derivates. Secondly, the long term health effects cause by the micro particles and smoke from this facility are not well enough documented. Imagine having to breath these for 25 years. Would you want this?
4. The logistics required for the running of this facility will add to the problems. The continuous circuit of lorries and trucks needed to fuel this beast will create more pollution, more damage to roads and infrastructure. Who will pay for them? Who will compensate residence for the time lost in traffic. I was under the impression UK government was trying to cut emissions? how does this serve that goal? It does not.
In the end I would close with a final request to all decisional factors involved in this. If you grant permission for such a project to be built, you are clearly showing you do not have people's best interests at heart. The long term detrimental effects this project will cause to CF3 area will weigh heavy on your conscience. Let us all hope you still have one!