Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Sophie Comelli


I am objecting to the build of the ERF in the east outskirt of Cardiff, so close to a largely residential area, which is still being expanded, and therefore in the proximity of many primary schools and two high schools, one being the pride of Cardiff in terms of its facilities.

The build of an incinerator close to housing and school will undoubtedly affect the quality of the air in the area. This will be increased by the fact that the proposed plant would be placed close to a wind turbine.
In addition, the sight of the plan, its chimney and the inevitable plume will affect the landscape of the area. We are lucky in the east of Cardiff to live close to a protected natural area, such as Hendre lake and the Gwent levels. The planned housing at the top of Rumney is supposed to be a housing estate with a focus on sustainability. The view and smell that this housing will be subjected to with the build of Mor Hafren will go against the project altogether.

In addition, Cardiff currently focuses on its One Planet strategy. The build of an incinerator on the verge of the city goes completely against this policy. It brings a polluting monster within its wall, instead of working towards stronger recycling processes.
Coming out of this pandemic, the government and the population are calling for a green recovery and this build will not bring that to the table. I understand we need to deal with our waste, but the location is completely wrong. It will increase pollution and compromise the sensitive environment which is the Levels.

As a resident of St Mellons, I cannot see any good reasons why the build, where it is proposed should take place.