Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 30 November 2020
From Alys Newton-Gorry


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to record my objection to the proposed incinerator in Cardiff, referred to as the "Mor Hafren Energy Recovery Facility," reference DNS/3236340. I am writing to you as a resident of the area concerned. I have lived in this area of Cardiff all my life, and am therefore very familiar with the area the proposed plans would tarnish.

My first objection is a personal one. [**REDACTED**] I am greatly concerned of the effect the proposed incinerator would have on the air quality of my home and local area, [**REDACTED**]

I also have concerns as to the effect the incinerator will have on the health of everyone in the area, and in particular how it will affect the youth, particularly those who attend Eastern High, who would be in the direct path of the incinerator due to it being built next door to their school! The students of Eastern High are already likely to be from less affluent families, and are therefore statistically at higher risk of health issues. Being exposed to the smoke of an incinerator five days a week will surely not have a positive effect on them.

The proposed site for the incinerator is also adjacent to a wind turbine, which would do a lovely job of ensuring the smoke is spread evenly across the highly populated area.

I am also highly concerned about the effect the incinerator will have on local traffic and road use. The roads in the surrounding area are suburban and not intended nor designed for heavy traffic. They are intended for commuting to and from work and the school rush, and should the incinerator be build the roads will instead have to contend first with large amounts of construction material and then with large lorries and trucks heavily loaded with waste for the burner. This will have a negative effect on the upkeep of the roads themselves, and on local residents as they find themselves frequently stuck in traffic jams behind large vehicles carrying foul-smelling rubbish.

The proposed incinerator will also likely have a negative effect on the local environment, as it will overlook Hendre Lake, a natural area of great beauty and home to much wildlife. Though switching to greener means of generating energy is important, I believe the point is moot if that method has consequences on the quality of life of nearby living beings.

Furthermore, the environmental benefits of a waste-burning incinerator are debatable at best and meagre at worst. Though they clear waste that would otherwise sit in a landfill they also produce large amounts of air pollutants and potentially dangerous chemicals. If there must be such an incinerator it must be placed far from populated areas who would suffer as a result of it.

We know from experience that placing such an incinerator near a populated area of Cardiff will have negative consequences on residents: just look at Splott, and the amount of news articles generated from their suffering as a direct result of the nearby incinerator. The fact that, despite this, more incinerators are proposed in Cardiff is frankly outrageous. I find it very telling that so far the incinerators have been proposed in traditionally less affluent areas such as Splott and St Mellons - there has never been a question of such a thing in richer areas like the Heath or Rhiwbina.

I have lived in St Mellons or Rumney all my life. St Mellons was a wonderful place to grow up, especially as I was near to Hendre Lake. To destroy such an area for an incinerator with only slight benefits would be remiss, callous, and show an intentional disregard for the residents of the area.

I hope that I have made my stance clear, and that my objections will be taken into account when assessing whether or not to go ahead with the planned incinerator.

Yours sincerely,
Alys Newton-Gorry