Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 30 November 2020
From Kholy Khan


Dear sir/madam

I strongly object to to this incinerator being granted permission.

My objections are for the following reasons

1. Increase in traffic particularly lorries

I live on the coast road on wentloog rd - cf3 2ee which is a few hundred yards from the entrance form where the purposed site will be. Being a resident in this area for 10 years, I have noticed that there has already been an increase traffic particularly the number of lorries in this immediate Vicinity. These lorries are for the Aldi depot, freight terminals, Neil's soils all existing businesses.

2. Adding to existing congestion. No alternative routes for local residents - Already congested roads peak times. Tail backs every morning and evening. We are stuck on the roads already.

Any accidents that occur on Lamby way, rover way, A48 M4 even minor issues causes tail backs and delays wentloog Avenue, wentloog rd (coast rd end) there are no alternative suitable routes to get to city centre when incidents occur. Our road is already used as the back rd for drivers taking alternative route off A48 and parts of the M4. These issues are not being looked at by adding another business that is going to add to this traffic is going to be disastrous for residents who live in proximity to the entrance of this purposed incinerator site. Us residents find it very difficult to travel to and from work and children getting to school. There is no suitable public for us here at Cf32ee so we have to use our cars to go to work and take children to school and use these roads

3. Increase in pollution (fumes, dust, noise, particulates) from the vehicles that will be coming to and leaving site as well as pollution from incinirator. This will have the greatest impact on residents at Cf32ee.

4. Already have too many polluters in this area, from permitted wastes disposal / recycling / landfill - all may be permitted but all damaging to the environment and residents already having to cope with the pollution - smell, dust, noise. You can see the thick levels of dust in dry weather which mud in the wet weather on roads such as wentloog Avenue and on the green verges. As we use the roads all the time we see clouds of dust in the air from the high volumes of lorry use in this area. These pollution levels should be monitored and reduced for residents - not allowing more pollution to the area

5. Our house is listed grade 2. I have been in touch with the council regarding our house shaking due to the current increased level of lorries going past our house. Any more lorries would be be damaging to our property.

6. No existing safe route for our children in the area of Cf32ee. More lorries and traffic more dangerous for our children and adults.

7. Poor socioeconomic groups of people live in Cf32ee are being already being submitted to poor environmental conditions caused by existing industrialised area. We do not want to be exposed to further traffic, pollution, poor road maintenance, poor planning of traffic management and congestion in the immediate vicinity of purposed incinerator and roads leading to the site.

8. SSI area already damaged by existing business from direct use eg soils recycling and vehicle use particularly volume articulated lorries

9. Further delays for school transport to take children to school from Cf32ee

Kind regards

Kholy khan