Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Steve Secker


I wish to make an objection regarding the proposed CF 3 Incinerator

I think the overall size of the proposed Incinerator is too large and because of the low lying land where it is proposed, the stack is going to be seen for miles and have a negative and overbearing effect on the immediate vicinity.

Basically where ever you can currently see the wind turbine,you will be able to clearly see the stack.

I also feel that because of the low lying land, the noise of the fans and the heavy traffic is likely to create a noise nuisance for the many existing houses in the immediate vicinity.

The proposed Incinerator is simply too close to existing houses , an existing travellers camp and local schools.

It is also too close to an existing Nature Reserve and the Living Levels and the carbon emissions from the stack is likely to have an adverse impact on the wildlife that lives there.

I can see no positives of having another Incinerator in Cardiff and certainly not in this location and I sincerely hope that permission is therefore refused.