Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020
From Elizabeth Newton-Gorry


I would like to register my objections to the Mor Hafren development. I live in the local area, and I am concerned about the impact on the local environment and especially on the local school. I believe that there hasn't been enough evidence shown to prove that there are benefits to the development, and especially ones that aren't negated by the pollution from the incinerator itself and the vastly increased traffic that it will cause.

On a personal level, I have [**REDACTED*] and am concerned about the effects of additional air pollution on my health. [**REDACTED**] and again, the effects of more pollution worry us both. Also, there's already an incinerator a few miles away in Splott - I haven't seen any evidence that the combined output of these won't be even worse!

I do believe more environmentally friendly ways of energy production are important, but I think that if you aren't willing to force an incinerator on the more affluent parts of the city, then you shouldn't be trying to force one on the less affluent areas.