Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 27 November 2020


I am a Year 9 student at [**REDACTED**], and would like to express that I strongly disagree with CoGen’s plans to build an incinerator near my school. It would completely overshadow our school building and spoil the views we are currently able to enjoy from our classrooms. The planned building looks ugly. I would be gutted to lose the green views we have right now. It makes for a far nicer learning environment. I also feel that the noise from the incinerator would make it harder to concentrate during lessons and exams, especially in the summer when the windows are open more.
I worry that if the incinerator gets built, it will damage all the students of Eastern High’s health, and will increase cases of Heart Problems and Asthma by increasing Carbon Dioxide which is a very dangerous gas, and is the main culprit for causing asthma. I am fortunate not to have asthma, but one of my best friends does and he struggles with it. When he has an asthma attack, he loses control of his breathing and cannot do anything but take his asthma pump. It is very frightening to see him go through an attack, and I worry that he, and others, may be prone to more frequent attacks, especially as the 3G pitch where we play football in school and for our local teams is only 400 metres away from where CoGen’s incinerator is planned. It scares me to think that when we are enjoying playing football and keeping fit to improve our health and well-being, that we would be able to see this monstrosity that Mor Hafren are proposing, as well as breathing in all matter of poisonous fumes from it, and contradicts the whole point of keeping fit to be healthy.
Also, when the C02 and other contaminants from the incinerator are expelled into the air, it has a chance of mingling in with the evaporation system, which will cause acid rain. This acid rain is not the lethal type, however it will remove the palisade layer of the leaves of trees; this means that the tree is no longer waterproof and will then be killed by the rain. It will do this to any plants. It will also cause the water in our reen network and lovely local lakes to be infected with toxins, and will endanger the wildlife within it.