Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 08 February 2021
From Mark Weymouth


With reference to the attached letter and documents, please note my comments below; -

Various pages - The documents provided from Mor Hafren consultants go to great length on many occasions to identify the Eastern High School has closed, but do not mention the new larger Eastern High School which has been built within 700m.

Page 7 - Background levels of industrial environmentally damaging air pollutants in this small area of Cardiff are already higher than nearly all areas of Wales, and the output usage, capacity of the Viridor incinerator, Celsa steelworks, waste water digestion, and other facilities eg. Neal’s Soils, Biffa etc has increased significantly since starting operation.
The overall comparison should be considered against the whole of Wales background and compare cumulative effects against this base rather than an already polluted start point.

Locating Waste Management Facilities 4.3 – How is Mor Hafren considered to be the nearest appropriate installation location to transport 200,000 tonnes of waste to from all over South Wales and beyond, especially when considering 425,000 tonnes (amongst the very largest in the UK) of waste from 90+ miles away is already being incinerated just 3 miles away in the same ward.
Waste is best dealt with at source, locally, to hide this away and burden the low income, most deprived areas of UK in Cardiff south/east still further after all the years suffering the Lamby way land fill is disgraceful opportunism.
Again, a comparison with other Wales wide councils Plans, documents and allowed developments, needs to be compared with Cardiff’s to create a fair level playing field to share the burden.

NRW – surely for such a contentious installation more local, specific weather data should be used, and effects of all worst case scenarios/ lessons learnt (eg. from Swansea incinerator) should be included, again starting with base background level of pollution for the whole of Wales, not the poor local levels existing and then adding to it.
Mention of St.Athans, the soon to close Aberthaw power station is a possible location, with excellent merry go round bulk train delivery, but it may not appear in VOG Council’s future, unlike Cardiff?

Common sense has to prevail against Consultants and Science just answering technical questions put up now which will be out date in a few years and against environmental reasoning.
No other ward in Cardiff, South Wales has 2 large incinerators
No other ward in Wales has 2 large incinerators ,
No other ward in United Kingdom has 2 large incinerators.

No other Town or City in Wales, or in the United Kingdom has 2 large incinerators (apart from those spread over the London boroughs which are 30 times more populated/bigger than Cardiff ,300 times bigger than Cardiff South!)