Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 28 October 2020
From Catherine MacArthur


I strongly object to Mor Hafren’s application to build an incinerator next to [**REDACTED**] high school.
The World Health Organisation recommend that the ‘siting’ of an incinerator should not be next to residential areas.
The siting of this incinerator is located within 700 metres of a high school and residential housing.
I believe that building an incinerator in an already deprived area where the pupils receiving free school meals is double the average , is putting children who are already disadvantaged even worse off.
There is evidence that air quality effects concentration in children and there are many schools within a small radius of the planned site.

I believe this would be in a direct conflict to the Future Generations Act. There are no incinerators in Megan’s plan to thrive.

I also believe the Vistual display of the incinerator so close to schools would be disturbing to young development minds.