Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 28 October 2020
From David Lee


I do not want to see the incinerator built for the following reasons;
Air quality - the smoke plume would be forced down due to the wind turbine. During the pandemic a lot of focus has been on air quality being a factor in the effects of the virus. The has been no confirmation of what contamination could be reduced into the air. The site is also too close to housing and schools.
The road infrastructure is not suitable for the estimated extra heavy goods vehicles transporting waste to and from the site. The roads are already congested and the goods vehicles would add more air pollution. The site is on the SSI Wentloog levels and it’s bio diversity and wildlife would be affected.
The Rumney area of Cardiff has carried the weight of waste disposal and deprivation for long enough. Mor Hafren would just add to this with no palpable benefit for the community. Rumney/ Trowbridge and St Mellons needs investment and the right development NOT Mor Hafren.