Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 29 October 2020
From Cllr Bob Derbyshire


Please note I wish to object to the above planning application on the following grounds:

(i) Traffic : The heavy vehicles which will be servicing this site would not be appropriate for some of the small roads and will also potentially cause more congestion on some already very busy road.
(ii) Bio Diversity: This site lies alongside a SSSI and because of the nature of the application this potentially could result in damage to the SSSI, which is sensitive to pollution both air borne and from any effluent/spillage leaking into the reens, both during the construction of the site and the day to day running of it.
(iii) Building: The design is overbearing when compared to the buildings in the proximity and will be seen from a considerable distance. Given its location on a flat part of the area this is a totally unsuitable design.

Bob Derbyshire
Councillor for Rumney