Acceptance of Notification Letter to Applicant (28/09/2020) (Document Size: 85 KB)
Notification Form (Document Size: 779 KB)
Notification Form
Site Layout Plan (Document Size: 585 KB)
1578-0201-00 (23/04/2020)
Acceptance of Notification Letter to LPA (28/09/2020) (Document Size: 78 KB)
Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Direction (Document Size: 925 KB)
Pre Application Form (Document Size: 105 KB)
Site Location Plan (Document Size: 320 KB)
Site location plan ISS02
Site location plan extended view (Document Size: 2 MB)
Site Location Plan Extended View
Site Location Plan (Document Size: 351 KB)
Site Location Plan ISS03
EIA Scoping Report (Document Size: 3 MB)