Representations received regarding Upper Ogmore - Wind Turbines

The list below includes all those who submitted representations.

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Members of the Public/Businesses
Richard Roberts
"To whom this may concern. NO more windmills in this valley 1. The visual impact on the environment - appalling. 2. The noise pollution - significant 3. The impact on wildlife (birds in particular) 4. The reindustrialisation of a mining community 5. The political decision that underprivileged mining community don't matter 6. Vast amounts of public money has been spent on removing the scars of the previous industry i.e. coal tips. Why despoil this landscape, which we have fought hard to achieve. The mental scars are vivid and real in the minds of those, who have to live in the Ogmore Valley. I strongly object to this development. Regards Richard Roberts "
Members of the Public/Businesses
Stephanie Smith
"1.As a resident of Pwllcarn Terrace, Blaengarw, I do not think that the visibility of the turbines from our houses have been given due consideration. These turbines seem to be much closer than the present ones which can be seen from the top end of our road. Please can someone address this point and assure me that we have not been overlooked. 2. This is an overdevelopment of what was previously open countryside/uplands. In the past 5 or6 years there has been a proliferation of turbines across our hills. 3. The uplands are a valuable habitat and are known to absorb rainwater. More concrete will create more run-off and subsequent flooding further down the valley. "
Other Statutory Consultees
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